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The twenty-seventh of May in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Mid Afternoon

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Sigh, 'tis done.  The revelries of the pageant be at an end and I, no worse for the wear, be a bit melancholy. 

I shall miss the camaraderie of the daily rehearsals, the late nights, the absolute frustration of players omitting themselves from rehearsal...  but 'tis all worth it in the end, to hear the applause of the audience, to see the reaction on the players' faces as they acknowledge their admirers and take their bows as the final curtain falls..............

I canst nay wait til I am bestowed with the honor of leading a goodly troupe of players in another pageant and do so hope that it shall be soon.  The learning I didst gain were immeasurable, and the time spent with friends were beyond the price of tea in China.  Were I to do it all again, despite the heartaches, the headaches, the bellyaches, the frustration and anxiety, I wouldst do so in a heartbeat.

I be so proud of mine accomplishments and were rewarded with praise from Their Majesties.  It maketh me none the prouder to know that I didst please them.

As of this day, I do be in a state of near exhaustion and shall take the next several to recuperate fully. 

Till I take quill to thee again dearest, anon and adieu.


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