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The Fourtheenth of August in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - 51 past 7 in the eve

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Dearhearts and friends, I send each of thee most hearty greetings!

Mademoiselle Chantalp didst send a query my way.  She doth write:

Lady Mary,

Why are women considered to be "the fairer sex"? Washer women easily carry up to 50 pounds of wet wool; Ladies of Manors must have a keen diplomatic skill to keep the maids and kitchen help from fighting like hens in a chicken coop. Indeed all women must have extraordinary business acumen to economize and obtain the best bargains while shopping for food or dress, or even paying creditors. Why, then, are men so much more loftier than we?



My dear Chantal, the answer be simple;  we be ladies, plain and simple.  Think on that.  Lady:  beautifu, dainty, calm, refined.  Woman:  hearty, lusty, vociferous, headtrong.  Man:  strong, smelly, muscles.  Think on this...  brains and brawn.  Who doth hold the purse strings in thy household?  Who performeth all the heavy laborious work?  Who be treated like the princess she knoweth herself to be?  Dost thou begin to see where I be going with this?  In mine most humble opinion the world wouldst be a much better place were the ladies sitting on the thrones in their own right and in charge.  Being the beings we are with calm heads and no penchant for violence and revenge, we seek to resolve disputes with a minimum of bloodshed and war mongering.  We the rational, the intelligent, the sane....  We be the voice of reason where men think with their swords and the emulations of their swords wherefore their needs for the stroking of egos be great.  I venture to guess that the man in thy life only THINKETH that he be charge.  That be the way I do conduct mine own self.  How dost one come to the logical conclusion regarding the bestowment of titles and gifts upon my family?  Not because I so readily give in, NAY!  For I knoweth well how to play my cards and use my wiles to mine own advantage and quid pro quo be the name of the game.  So shouldst ye as a member of the fairer sex. Yea verily I sayeth to thee!  Allow them who wouldst lord over us think that it be so, however, while the moreover wielding thine own power skillfully and subtlety.  Ye shall find that thou art truly the fairer and the loftier.

I take my leave of thee dearhearts and implore thee to keep thy queries coming.  I shall in turn endeavour to keep my  response times to a week or less.  Lose ye not hope if I hath nay responded for I shall!

Anon dearhearts!

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