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The 18th of December, in the Year of Our Lord, 1525 - Quarter past 7 in the morn

Yea verly the Yuletide season be upon in in full measure, and with it comes the obligations and stresses thereof. This day shall be the one in which I accomplish much, in that I SHALL complete my acquisition of Christmas gifts, even if it meaneth mine untimely demise. Nan hath been taken care of. I didst procure for her a jaunty nutcracker to add to her growing collection, and a pair of sleeping garment bestowed with those fanciful garden gnome creatures. For my husband, a collection chronicling the entire series entitled "Space 1999" along with items yet to be decided.

This day I shall venture to Le Boutique de Target in order to complete my daunting tasks as this merchant doth carry a variety of items of quality, and within our budget. It do be a one stop shop for all things for the gift giving season.

I prithee, pray for Godspeed for the safe return home of my goodly husband from the Holy Land. It be a most arduous journey, and an exhausting one at that. I daresay that the time lag shall take its toll in full measure upon him, rendering him completely useless for a day or two whilst he catches up on his sleep. I know full well how he detests such long distance travel, as I do as well. But for the chance for us to be together as a family this blessed holiday, it shall be most worth it.

Pray all of ye, for all that ye have and thy good fortunes, for there are many who have suffered misfortune this year and shall have a less than joyous holiday. Suffice it to say, that misfortunes devoid of the loss of life are most fortunate. I know full well that my friends are thankful and rejoicing that their tradgedies could have seen conclusions more heinous outcomes than what transpired. Keep in rememberance in the new year about to greet us, the spirit and goodwill of the season. It be my most sincere wish that the sentiments of this most blessed of times are shared by all at all times.

God's most gracious blessings upon thee for a joyous and happy Yuletide and New Year.

I remain faithfully thine,
Mary Bolen

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