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2006-01-22 - 7:29 a.m.

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Alas, tis been but a week and a half since my beloved husband hath departed these shores for his sojourn back to the Holy Land, leaving me with our child.  And now the inevitable loneliness hath set in as I be here by myself.  Add to that the anxiety of raising a child by one's self.  But we hath been blessed above and beyond and be grateful for the bounty the good Lord hath bestowed upon us with a healthy and happy little boy of good countenance.  Immersing mine self in work and projects hath been my remedy for my solitude as it hath been from the beginning.  And as the young boy groweth, he becometh more and more an individual and little person with whom I wish to spend my time and can communicate.  No man of sage advice ever professed that raising a child were easy, but it bringeth some of life's greatest joys.  'Tis my sincerest desire that my dear husband couldst be here with us to share in these joys.

Preparations for the fall progress shouldst be getting underway shortly as I await Master Cromwell's communiqué to me that my services be required.  Ideas a plenty do I have rolling about in my head, many of which I shouldst desire to see come to fruition.  However, with the King in his increasing loss of sensibility, I do have my doubts as to the implementation of many of my divine plans.  Master Cromwell no doubt wouldst find credence with many of them, but alas, we are nay here to do his bidding, but only that of the sovereign who hath a vision of the end result to fill his coffers in overabundance, and nay to provide a progress and festival worthy of those who wouldst part with their pennies to attend such.  Yea, there hath been rumblings and grievances expressed by many that the progress be nay what it were in years past, and the spirit in which it were presented hath departed the soul of the event.  I be in agreement one hundred percent, and it grieveth me that such hath come to pass.   May the Lord forgive my thoughts as I express them here that many of us do eagerly await the earthly departure of His Majesty and his increasing insanity, to make way for those who wouldst be of sound mind and sensibility who, for the love of the progress and the good spirit and cheer it once instilled in those who participated, wouldst again lead us back to the days when peasant, pauper and noble souls alike couldst gather in good company, for the love of the faire.

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