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The 4th of March, in the Year of Our Lord, 1526 - Half past 7 in the morn

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Sigh- Tis a chore to raiseth a youngster without aide of a second pair of hands about.  This very morn I didst depart for a visit to the physician for the little lord, only to be told upon mine arrival, that word had been sent and left that the appointment were for yesterday!  Imagine mine embarrassment and shame at knowing I couldst nay keep my schedule in order with regard to my young charge.  Yea verily, I shall be departing the service of my patron very soon, and shall be more able to conduct mine affairs in a manner more fit for mine and his wellbeing.  Nan hath of course opined that my departure hath been too long in coming and she doth be happy for me that I shall soon know the bliss of motherhood without additional and superfluous distraction.  I be in full agreement with her.  In soothe, it be the most sage and comforting words she hath bestowed upon me in quite some time.

I must needs relay, however, what hath caught her attentions of late.  It seemeth that she doth desire to follow in ancient Bullen footsteps and enter into a profession of conducting mercantile business transaction.  However, there do be an element that be out of sorts....  it be for piratanical merchandise including weapons, garb, and pieces of eight said to be collected from Spanish galleons that hath met an untimely demise off the shores of the New World colonies.  Father, in his ever ending bit to beef up the family coffers, hath given his blessing to her.  He sayeth that business be virtuous, and, the desire to accumulate wealth be blessed by the Lord.  In other words, greed be good.  In sooth, her plan of execution seemeth on the up and up and she hath begun the process of marketing to investors, of which I shall be one.  I do hope that her dreams in this endeavor cometh to fruition as it wouldst warm the cockles of my heart to be able to see her succeed at something other than being charming and witty.

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